Driving our performance

We are committed to providing excellent services to our customers.

We measure our performance across all of our services and are constantly striving to improve. We also compare our results with that of other, similar organisations to make sure we are performing at a high level.

Our Board, Local Stakeholder Boards and our Customer Scrutiny Panel hold us accountable for our performance and inform improvements to our services.

We constantly monitor our performance and our boards hold us accountable to targets we set.

Reporting our performance

We believe transparency around our peformance is extremely important.

How are doing?

We publish a monthly infographic to show how we are performing in key areas of our service delivery.

Annual reports

We produce annual reports every year. These include information on how we are performing in key services areas, including customer service and repairs. They also explain how we are driving improvements to our services.

Financial statements

We publish financial statements every year. These detail our financial performance and our approach to Value for Money (VfM).

Customer scrutiny

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel helps us to make sure our services and performance match the expectations of our customers.

The panel of seven is made up of three customers and four other volunteers who meet regularly to assess how we are performing. They also make recommendations which feed directly into our decision-making.

The panel’s first review is focused on customer experience in our Customer Service Centre (CSC).

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