Representing our communities

We believe it is crucial that the people in our communities are directly involved in our work and influence the decisions we make.

That’s why we have Local Stakeholder Boards (LSBs) to represent communities across the region.

Our LSBs are made up of people who live and work in our communities including our customers, local councillors and other people and organisations we work with.

Shaping our work in our communities

Our Local Stakeholder Boards guide our approach and help us to address the specific challenges our communities face.

We have worked closely with our LSBs to develop community plans to shape our activity across the West Midlands.

Meet our LSB Chairs

We have three Local Stakeholder boards – one in each of our major areas of operation.

Each Chair is also a member of the Citizen Board, which means the views of our LSBs feed directly into decision-making at the highest level.

Our LSB Chairs are all members of our Board.

Read more about our Board.

Our Local Stakeholder Board Chairs

Janice Nichols – Coventry LSB Chair


Janice joined the Board in March 2017.


She has held senior management roles in both the voluntary sector and local government.


She has also worked at board and director level to influence the shaping of policy and strategy.

Susan Brookbanks-Taylor – Birmingham LSB Chair


Sue has worked in housing for over 30 years and has significant senior level experience, including as a CEO, she is also a board member for a homelessness charity.

Helen Scarrett – Herefordshire and Worcestershire LSB chair


Helen has extensive experience as a CEO in the voluntary sector and in senior roles in housing associations.


She is currently an independent consultant advising housing organisations and charities.


Helen has been involved with Citizen in Worcestershire for several years and has been on the Board since 2016.

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