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We are passionate about sharing best practice.

The Comms Clinic is a regular, free, live and interactive webinar which brings together professionals in PR & Communications from a range of sectors to drive forward best practice and problem solve together.

On this page you can find out more and sign up for our first ever Comms Clinic on Wednesday 3 March at 2pm.

How does it work?

Comms Clinic is a regular 45-minute live and interactive webinar hosted by Citizen’s Head of Communications, Steve Hayes.


Each webinar will explore a different topic or theme with featured guests sharing best practice, answering your questions and helping you to solve your problems and work through your challenges.


We want Comms Clinic to be responsive to your needs and we will shape the content around your feedback, so you get to play your part in driving forward the standard of communication and PR.

Our host, Citizen Head of Communications, Steve Hayes, has 12 years experience in journalism and communications

It’s really simple! All you need to do is sign up on this page using our simple form in the Sign Me Up! section below. We will email you with your joining instructions and keep you in the loop about future clinics if you want us to.


We use Microsoft Teams, which can be accessed by anyone on most devices with a link which we will provide.


If for any reason you can’t make it or you want to watch the session back, no problem! We’ll send a YouTube video of the session after. So it’s still worth signing up.

Each webinar will be recorded and anyone who signed up will be sent a YouTube link to access it.

What is the content?

Our aim is to make Comms Clinic as practical as possible for PR & Communications professionals from all sectors.


In each webinar we will take a look at a theme or discipline of communication we know is fundamental to professionals.


This will include everything from how to make your internal communication shine and enhance your social media, to how to deal with journalists and create great animations.


Though each webinar will have a theme this will only be one part of the content. Each clinic will give you the chance to bring your questions or issues to the Comms Clinic (whatever they are!) and get practical advice on how to deal with them.


Though we have decided upon some initial topics to cover, as the Comms Clinic moves forward we want our community of communications professionals to shape the content. There will be lots of opportunities for you to do this if you sign up.

We want Comms Clinic to be a combination of sharing best practice and problem-solving. Every clinic will have a slot which gives you the chance to bring your questions and issues to the table so that our speakers and the wider group can support you.

Our next Comms Clinic

Our first ever Comms Clinic will take place at 2pm on Wednesday 3 March.


Citizen Head of Communications, Steve Hayes, will be joined by Jon Reeves, Director of Communications at Longhurst Group, to talk about the crucial role of internal communications.


Jon has worked in PR & Communications for 12 years and his career includes spells at a police force, PR and marketing agencies and housing associations. A former freelance journalist, he’s also a published author of several titles, mostly focused on football.


The last 12 months have shown just how important it is to keep our colleagues informed, engaged and motivated. But in workplaces which have been disrupted how can we respond?


The session will take a broad look at this challenge, a more detailed look at some practical lessons and ideas and give you the chance to ask your questions.

Jon Reeves

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