Keeping you safe

Fire safety

Your safety is our top priority and we are committed to doing everything we can to protect you from the risk of fire.


Visit our dedicated fire safety page for important information about how to protect yourself and your home.

Gas and electrical testing

To keep you safe we conduct regular safety checks on gas and electrical appliances in your home.


It is our legal responsibility to complete these tests and it is a term of your tenancy agreement that you allow us to complete them.


We need to check all gas appliances every year and electrical appliances every five years. The checks don’t take long and they make sure that your appliances are working as they should and they are safe to use.


We will write to you when your appliance is due for inspection to let you know of the date we will attend to complete the inspection. It is important that you allow us access to your property to complete this, or let us know an alternative date which is more convenient for you.

If you repeatedly do not allow us access to your home to complete the tests we will apply for a court injunction to grant us access to be able to complete the check.

Common questions

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