Supporting young people

Citizen Young People is our service which provides 16-25-year-olds across Herefordshire with housing, training and employment opportunities.

We provide a range of accommodation suitable for young people at different stages of their lives including foyer accommodation, move on flats and shared houses.

We are not just about housing – we work with young people through training programmes and a wide range of activities. We want to give young people the opportunity to develop independent living skills, identify their talents and go on to live happy and successful lives.

We also provide floating support to assist young people in their own homes, enabling them to access accommodation, maintain accommodation and help with debt management.

Citizen Young People is a service driven by what young people want, this means projects develop according to their needs.

What services do you offer?

If you are a young person 16-25 experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness there are a number of ways that we can work with you.




If you need accommodation we can talk you through your options and see what might be available to suit you.


Foyers are our main form of accommodation and these provide shared communal living with your own room and some shared facilities; like a kitchen and communal area.  During your stay at the foyer we would expect you to get involved in foyer training and activities to prepare you for living in your own place. We would work with you to develop the things you enjoy doing and are good at. After a period of six to 12 months at a foyer you should be ready to move on and live by yourself.


We also have other accommodation ranging from a shared house to single independent move on flats for people who have been successful in a foyer.


Young person’s workers


Young person’s workers can work with you to provide housing advice, help you to find appropriate accommodation, training, employment and education, and benefits advice.We also have specialist support for young parents and for care leavers.

How can I find out more?

We offer free and confidential housing and benefits advice.


Call us on 0300 561 0140 or email  to talk to our team.

Referring someone to us

We accept referrals for accommodation via Herefordshire Council’s Housing Solutions Team and Children’s Wellbeing 16+ Team.


All young people within our accommodation are expected to engage and work with us on a programme tailored to their needs.


We also provide floating support to assist young people in their own homes, enabling them to access accommodation, maintain accommodation and help with debt management.

You can contact us via email or telephone if you would like advice or guidance.


If you are over 18: you will need to be referred by Herefordshire Council’s Housing Solutions Team.Call 01432 261 600 or drop in at the council’s Customer Service Centre at Blueschool House.


If you are under 18: telephone the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 01432 260 800.


Support us

Become a Citizen Young People volunteer.


We provide volunteering opportunities and work-based placements which are a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and work with inspiring young people. You could:

  • Become a fund raising volunteer
  • Mentoring or befriending through our asset coaching project to support young people to develop their talents and aspirations
  • Help with the delivery of training sessions
  • Put together course materials or packs ready for the sessions
  • Take young people to or support them at sessions.
  • Support young people to become involved or volunteer.

Contact us and become a volunteer.

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