From careers fair to full-time employment

We are passionate about giving young people in our communities opportunities to develop their careers.

Eagle-eyed student, Alice Sale, first spotted us at a careers fair at her school in Solihull. Fast forward two years and Alice is now a valued, full-time member of our Human Resources Team.

Alice came on board as an apprentice in our HR Team where she thrived during her apprenticeship – making a massive contribution and completing her NVQ Level 3 in HR in the process.

Her work with us has been so impressive that she was nominated for the Young Achiever category of our Employee Excellence Awards in 2019.

Alice said: “I’m so pleased with the way things worked out.

“To get the opportunity to join Citizen and gain experience in my appenticeship was great. To gain a full-time role at the end of it is just fantastic.”

Rachel Thomason, our Head of Human Resources, sums up Alice’s contribution.

“We take our role as an employer in our communities very seriously and want to give young people the opportunity to flourish in their careers.

“Alice’s story shows just how important it is that we have a presence in our communities and what this can lead to.

“We are so pleased that Alice saw us at the careers fair at her school that day, because the result is that we now have a fantastic, extremely valuable young member of our team and our organisation.”