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We’ve introduced an out of hours ASB Respect Line

We’ve introduced an ASB Respect Line for our customers to call out of hours if they are experiencing anti-social behaviour.

The line is provided by Case Management Solutions Group who are external customer service professionals with a specialist knowledge to support our customers.

They can take note of anti social behaviour incidents that have happened since a customer last contacted us and they can give advice on what action should be taken next. This can include contacting police or the environmental health team.

The information collected by the out of hours service is sent directly to the investigating officer at Citizen to help progress the case.

Our director of housing Peter Gill said: “We have introduced the ASB Respect Line to support our customers who may be experiencing anti-social behaviour.

“Often anti-social behaviour happens out of hours, and this is a way to report it while it is happening and get advice.

“At Citizen we want to work with our partners to make a positive difference to our customers and communities, and this out of hours service will help do this.”

Once customers have reported problems with anti-social behaviour, we will get in touch with them and offer advice and support.

It’s important to remember if you are in danger then you must call the police straight away on 999.

You can contact the ASB Respect Line on 0800 075 6699 everyday between 5pm and 9am.

For media enquiries contact our Communications Team.

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