We believe passionately in our social purpose.

Our purpose and values are the foundation for everything that we do.

Our purpose

To provide homes that are a foundation for life

Our values

We are brave

  • We are willing to take on the tough stuff
  • We challenge ourselves
  • We don’t give up


We are honest

  • We take responsibility
  • We are realistic
  • People trust us to do what we say we will do


We are ambitious

  • We find solutions
  • We aren’t afraid to try things out
  • We keep learning and improving


We are citizens

  • We are committed to our people and places
  • We believe everyone has something to give and encourage every person to be the best they can be



What Citizen means to our teams

For us becoming Citizen is just the start of a journey which will transform our organisation and the services we provide.

We asked our teams to tell us why they’re proud to work for us and what their hopes for our future are.

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