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How we'll keep you safe when we visit your home

We understand that right now having someone in your home could be worrying.

This short animation explains what our teams will do, and what we need you to do, when we visit your home to protect you from coronavirus.

Spon End Web

Spon End blocks will be demolished and replaced with new homes as part of our regeneration project in Coventry

Three blocks of flats in Spon End will be demolished and replaced with new homes as part of a major regeneration project. Our plans will see Kerry House, Milestone House and Trafalgar House, which include 158 flats, replaced by a mix of new homes. We first announced the regeneration project in September 2019. The plans […]

Keeping You Safe

New animation shows how we are keeping our customers and teams safe

A new animation shows customers how we will keep them and our teams safe when we visit their home. As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and we start to get our services back up to speed, we’re launching the animation to reassure customers before we attend a repair or another appointment in their home. It […]