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What Citizen means to our teams

For us becoming Citizen is just the start of a journey which will transform our organisation and the services we provide.

We asked our teams to tell us why they’re proud to work for us and what their hopes for our future are.

Citizen Choir (2)

Find out how one of our residents is helping to shape our Citizen choir

Staff from across our organisation are taking part in rehearsals to become part of the Citizen Choir and perform at our staff conference in March. However, staff may not be aware that the person transforming our choir is one of our residents! Andy Guthrie, who owns The Workplace Choir Company, believes people don’t have to […]

Tudor Grange Home For Christmas

Family living in temporary accommodation are given new home for Christmas at our Tudor Grange development

A family has been given a new home for Christmas after moving into a property at our Tudor Grange development in Coventry. Maaza and Solomon Tesfasion and their four children, were living in temporary accommodation before being given their home this December. Maaza said she is looking forward to being with her family at Christmas. […]