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What we'll achieve by 2023

This animation, voiced by our teams, explains what we will achieve by 2023.

It outlines our pledges, our objectives and some of the exciting and transformative projects we will complete over the next three years.

All of this is focused around our purpose – to create homes that are a foundation for life.

Wellbeing Service Web

We’ve introduced Structure Telephone Counselling to our Tenant Support and Wellbeing Service this year

Two years ago, we launched our Tenant Support and Wellbeing Service for our customers. The service is available 24/7 and is free and confidential for customers to use. The service offers help with anything, including mental health and wellbeing, family matters, relationships, managing debt, workplace issues and rights as a consumer. It is delivered by […]

Modular Pilot Extended Web

Our first modular home pilot with Totally Modular is extended to build 24 homes on former garage sites in Coventry

We are extending our modular pilot to build 24 new homes on eight garage sites in Coventry. Planning permission has been granted for all the sites across the city and work has started on building the homes in our partner’s factory. We are working with Totally Modular on the pilot which is a multi-million-pound project […]