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What Citizen means to our teams

For us becoming Citizen is just the start of a journey which will transform our organisation and the services we provide.

We asked our teams to tell us why they’re proud to work for us and what their hopes for our future are.

Supported Interns 2019

Four new interns will start working with us this month as part of our supported internships

Our award-winning Supported Internships Programme is set to start again this September as four new interns join our organisation. The students from Hereward College, Coventry, will start their course this week and will work in a variety of departments. Our new interns are: • Tharsan Kunasingham – will be working in the Involvement and Engagement […]

Mental Health Istock Web

New training will see all managers become Mental Health Champions by March 2020

All of our managers will have taken part in a mental health training programme by March 2020. In June we launched our new mental health training programme to help improve the health and wellbeing of our staff. The programme, which is being provided by Birmingham Mind, introduced basic mental health training for all staff, an […]