About your lease

Your lease is a legally-binding contract that sets out all of the terms by which we allow you to occupy your home. It sets out your rights and responsibilities and the services we will provide and manage on your behalf.


If you are a shared owner, you own part of your home and pay rent to us on the remainder. As a shared owner you have a lease and the same responsibilities as other leaseholders.


The lease gives you rights over the land and/or buildings for a set period – usually a very long period.


You can find the answers to a range of questions about your lease in our simple online guide for leaseholders.


You can read our Leaseholder and Freeholder Management policy here.


If you are a shared owner you have the same responsibilities as other leaseholders.

EWS1 and building safety

If you are a leaseholder or a shared owner and you live in a flat and you are thinking about selling, remortgaging or staircasing your home, major changes to Government guidance around building safety could have a significant impact on you.


Visit our EWs1 page to find out more.

Your responsibilities, our responsibilities

We are responsible for providing the services set out in your lease agreement. This depends on the type of home you live in and where you live.


Services we provide include gardening, cleaning and work to improve communal areas in blocks, refurbishments to lifts and car parks and arranging building insurance.


You are responsible for paying part of the cost of the services we provide where you live – this is your service charge.

Your rights, our rights

As a leaseholder your rights are:

  • To live in your home for the length of the lease
  • The quiet enjoyment of your home
  • For flat owners, the repair of the structure and communal areas by us.

As the landlord of the building our rights are:

  • To gain access to carry out inspection or repairs
  • To collect ground rent and service charges to cover your share of the costs of the upkeep, repair and management of your building and estate.

All of your rights are set out in your lease agreement.

Service charges

Your service charge covers the day-to-day running costs of your building and if applicable, the estate your building is on.


Your lease sets out how we work out service charges. Every year we will write to you setting out what your service charge will be with a breakdown of how these have been worked out.


Most service charges are one of two types – fixed or variable.


To read more about service charges visit our service charges page.


Read our Service Charge Policy.



Our service charges page includes a list of commonly asked questions.

Repairs to your home and building

You are responsible for repairs and maintenance inside your home.


If you want to make major structural improvements to your home, you should contact us first.


We are responsible for keeping the structure and exterior of the building in good repair.


We are also responsible for the upkeep and management of the building and estate you live in. When we complete repairs or major works to these, you are responsible for paying your share of the cost. We will recoup this through your service charge.


You can read our Repairs and Maintenance Policy here.

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