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When You Look at Me

We are committed to doing everything we can to make sure every colleague and customer has an equal chance to learn, work and live free from discrimination.

When You Look at Me is the product of a collective effort by our colleagues to challenge people to think about what they can do every day to make a difference.

Read the stories of the colleagues who took part here.


The Walnuts

It’s Rural Housing Week!

It’s Rural Housing Week this week, taking place from 4 – 8 July. The week, run by the National Housing Federation (NHF), is an annual campaign to share what housing associations are doing to support people living in rural areas. The theme this year is levelling up rural communities. We continue to invest in our […]

My Account For Website

New My Account campaign launches today

We are launching a new campaign for our online customer portal, My Account, today (Monday 4th July). We are emailing all customers not signed up to My Account as well as customers that haven’t used My Account for six months to encourage them to either sign up or use our My Account customer portal throughout […]