Involving our customers

We want the work that we do to match up to the expectations of our customers and we involve our customers in the creation and scrutiny of our services.

Our customer engagement team is a crucial part of our organisation. They act as a link between you, our valued customers, and different departments within our company. Their main goal is to make sure that you are involved from the start whenever we’re planning to make changes that could affect the services we provide to you.

On this page you can find out more about how customers play an important role in our work and how you can get involved.

Customer Scrutiny Panel

The Customer Scrutiny Panel play a crucial role in overseeing the standard of our services and holding us to account. The work of the Scrutiny Panel feeds directly into our Customer Assurance Committee, ensuring that the work they do has a direct impact on how we improve our service delivery to customers.


Find out more about the role of a customer scrutiny panel member and take a look at the customer scrutiny panel recruitment pack.


For more information on how Citizen processes your personal data you can read our privacy notice.


Here's how you can get involved and share your feedback

Citizens Together is our approach for customers to challenge and influence our services. Our goal is to make sure that you are involved from the start whenever we're planning to make changes that could affect the services we provide you with.

Our Citizens Together hub is a digital platform where we will ask you to share your feedback on things we’re working on. You can start sharing your feedback right now by registering to join the Citizens Together hub.


You can offer your ideas, hear about our new proposals, help us by answering surveys, and leave your comments or photos whenever and wherever the time suits you.


You will also be able to find out about upcoming events and talk to other customers about the things that matter to you the most.  We’re offering monthly demonstrations so that you can learn how to use the hub too.


We’d love you to get involved – it’s crucial that you are directly involved in our work by influencing the decisions we make.


If you have any questions about the Citizens Together Hub, or you would like to register for one of our demonstration sessions, you can contact our customer engagement team.

When you register on our Citizens Together hub you will be able to see all of the projects we’re working on with customers as well as the groups we’re getting feedback on – you can then choose the group or groups you would like to be a part of.


You’ll be able to:

  • share your feedback and ideas with us
  • hear about new proposals and plans
  • take part in surveys, focus groups and face to face or online sessions
  • find out about planned events
  • talk to other customers about the things that matter to you the most

 To find out more about our Citizens Together hub you can contact our customer engagement team. 

Kim Crosby, Citizens Together hub member said, “As a big housing group, I think it’s important that Citizen is in touch with their customers and keeps up to date with what their customers want.


“I joined the hub because I thought it would be interesting to get involved, have my say, and share my opinion on things that will impact Citizen customers.


“I would encourage other customers to join the hub – there are lots of projects to get involved with and it gives customers a platform to have their say and influence changes to the services we receive”. 


Read Kim’s feedback in full.

Customer Assurance Committee

We are committed to making sure our services and the work that we do reflects what our customers want and need.


We set up our Customer Assurance Committee so that the voice of our customers is reflected in everything we do.


This exciting group is part of our formal board structure – which means its work, oversight, and scrutiny directly influences what we do and the services we provide.


A role on our Customer Assurance Committee gives customers the chance to represent thousands of people across the West Midlands and comes with a number of benefits to committee members, including training opportunities and the opportunity to gain experience.

Committee members meet throughout the year and receive £2,500 a year to recognise their contribution.

Here’s what some of our members have to say about being part of the Customer Assurance Committee.


“The best thing about the committee is the diverse and committed group of customers who have become committee members. The views and ideas they share at each meeting gives us a new outlook and we make progress with every meeting.”

Helen Scarrett, Customer Assurance Committee Chair


“Giving customers opportunities to contribute results in them having more pride in their home and local environment because you are giving them a feeling of ownership, responsibility and sense of belonging.”

Joan Allen, Customer Assurance Committee Member

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