In 2019 we announced our plans to invest and transform Spon End, following what our customers told us was important to them at our Planning for Real Consultation Event.

In 2020 we commenced the rehousing of customers living in Kerry House, Milestone House, and Trafalgar House as part of our initial plans.

During this time, we have also been developing our proposals to respond what our customers told us was important to them and what they think we need to do to improve their community.

Below are our proposed plans for Spon End and we welcome feedback from the community. You have until Friday 10 June to view our proposed plans and submit your feedback on this page webpage.

What matters to our customers?

You told us you want us to transform Spon End and below is what you said matters most to you:


• You want a safe place to live
• You want our homes to be more modern, warm and energy efficient
• You want a pleasant environment with more quality green spaces
• You want the River Sherbourne to be more accessible
• You want car parking in the area to be improved.

Our proposed plans

After careful consideration of all the options available we believe undertaking extensive redevelopment of Spon End will enable us to deliver the transformation you told us you want to see.


Our proposed plans include an ambitious £120million redevelopment programme of the below areas which will see us build 750 new homes:


• Kerry House / Milestone House / Trafalgar House

• Spon Gate House

• Grindlay House / Drinkwater House / George Poole House

• Gardner House / Fennel House / Winslow House / Corrie House and Givens House

• Wellington Gardens / Sherbourne Street and Upper Spon Street (85-99).


You can view our full proposed plans that were presented at our consultation event here.


We have a Q&A document which will hopefully answer any questions you have about our proposed plans.


Watch our 3D flythrough video to help you visualise our proposed plans:




Read our proposed plans, take a look at our Q&A document and watch our 3D flythrough video.

What will our proposed plans deliver?

We believe our ambitious redevelopment proposals for Spon End will:


• Deliver new, modern, safer homes which are energy efficient
• Create a central green space in middle of the estate
• Improve and open up the River Sherbourne for residents
• Improve connectivity across the estate
• Increase car parking.

Consultation event

We held a consultation event for the community on Wednesday 18 May at Coventry Rugby Club, Butts Road. This was an opportunity for you to give us your feedback on our proposals.


We want to reassure you that these are proposals that we are seeking your views on, they are not set in stone.


If you were unable to attend the event, you can email us at and we’ll contact you directly to discuss our proposals in more detail.

Gallery of our proposed plans

These images illustrate our concept ideas which include buildings, open spaces and the River Sherbourne.

Our commitment

We will, in conjunction with the community, develop a Residents Charter. The charter will set out the key objectives, principles, and commitments to the community for the redevelopment of the area, which will include:

  • Commitment to consult, engage and involve the local community, stakeholders, schools, and businesses on the development and implementation of the regeneration proposals
  • Commitment to establish a Residents and Stakeholders Group
  • Commitment to creating a Community Fund to support local projects, employment and training opportunities
  • Commitment to a minimum of 30% of the new homes being affordable
  • Commitment that residents requiring rehousing will have first choice on moving to the new affordable homes that are built
  • Commitment to phasing residential developments to minimise the need for residents to move more than once
  • Commitment to the development of rehousing and future purchase options for leaseholders
  • Commitment to respecting residents views on the redevelopment proposals

Tower View 4

What happens next

Your feedback on the proposals to transform your area is critical to ensuring that the final proposals developed reflect what you, as a community, would like to see. We need your support in order to make your area a place that you, and future generations, are proud to live, prosper and call your home.


We are seeking your feedback on these proposals and it is extremely important to understand that they are not set in stone nor is it a done deal. You will influence and determine what happens next.


The next steps and milestones are:


  • Report to the Citizen Board on the feedback you have given us in Summer 2022
  • Feedback to the community on the outcome of the consultation event in Summer 2022
  • Appoint a developer partner by March 2023
  • Demolish Kerry House, Milestone House and Trafalgar House in 2023
  • Deliver the first new homes in 2024

Area 2 3

Submit your feedback

Tell us what you think about our proposed plans here. You have until Friday 10 June to submit your feedback.


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About the proposals. Do you support our proposals to transform Spon End through the redevelopment of the whole area, including the creation of a new central green space and improved access to the River Sherbourne?

If you would like a member of the Regeneration Team to contact you to discuss the proposals further, or if you are interested in being part of a Residents Group please provide your contact details below: